Sunday, 13 April 2014


Cllr Christopher Turner, aka "Captain Invisible" has been seen in Fremington, putting glossy leaflets through doors. With a turn of speed which he only usually shows when collecting his allowances/expenses, he has been distributing the missives to all and sundry.
What are these expensive leaflets about? They are a joint leaflet of "The Team" of Rodney Cann and Chris Turner. Well they seem to be moaning about the state of the World around us and yet all the time they distance these two Cllrs from any of the problems they mention. Let us look at just one of the gripes of the Dashing Duo...Allenstyle Development....this came about because the District Council failed to get a proper Local Plan up and running  (the same Council which pays Cann as Deputy leader and Turner as a Planning Committee Member)  Their "opposition " to the development was so strong that the application was approved.....

They say you get the sort of Cllrs you deserve....what on earth have we done to deserve these two

Oh yes there were 16 pictures of the Duo in the that a record?

Friday, 3 May 2013

County Election May 2nd 2013

The Fremington Ward for the County Election was won by Cllr Frank Biederman. He beat Mr Rodney Cann by a large majority. It was particularly gratifying that the candidate who conducted a very dirty campaign, Mrs Joanne Bell, polled only 73 votes. I understand that several of the people who signed her election papers DID NOT vote for her, presumably an attack of conscience. Dirty Politics, such as that practised by Mrs Bell and those who put her up to standing, always come to a sticky end.

Let us hope that the Gazette cancels her weekly rant column now she has been further discredited.